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The support provided to the club is much appreciated and due to your enthusiasm our football club continues to go from strength to strength.

Unfortunately the success of embracing football for all and providing football to the community does come with its problems.

The number of teams now playing at the memorial park on a Saturday morning is now affecting transport movement in the area, largely around car parking and trying to park. 

We have therefore had to take, what is likely to be an unpopular decision. Sorry, but hopefully you appreciate the reason for it.

To try and relieve the issue on a Saturday morning we suggest:

* If teams are meeting to go in convoy when playing away, please meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre not at the memorial parks
* If you live within 20 mins walking distance, please leave car at home and walk down
* If you live greater than 20 mins please ensure that you pick up someone who would have been also driving down
* Managers/Coaches to also walk down, when at a match you don't need all your training equipment!!!!
* When no spaces are available please park respectively on sides roads, traffic wardens are around

As a club we are working with the council to develop more parking; however this is unlikely to be achieved this season.

We really do need you to do everything possible to restrict transport to the memorial park on a Saturday morning; the consequences of not doing so will be the restriction of games being played. This would result in us finding another venue which will not be in the local area.

This also applies during training times at the Memorial Park and some evenings the traffic has been terrible. We really need to be mindful of this.

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  • Chairman – Nathan Sanders
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  • Secretary – Alistair Brown
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  • Child Welfare Officer – Louise Huggins
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