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Registration is upon us again!

As with every year we will need a new passport photo.

This year we are geting on top of it nice and early and saving you money!

Why spend £5 getting a passport photo done for registration when you can bring your son/daughter down to the committee room on Saturday 14th & 21st April and get it done for FREE (donations to the club are appreciated).

Before or after your match - brush their hair, get them to smile and our very own Mrs David Bailey will snap away - £5 saved, photo done, easy!

Make the most of the opportunity, it really is pain free and so quick and simple.

Charter Community Club

Chartered Standard Club

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  • Chairman – Nathan Sanders
  • Vice Chairman – Steve Paine
  • Secretary – Alistair Brown
  • Treasurer – Jim Emery
  • Child Welfare Officer – Louise Huggins
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