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Fixtures 'How-To'

When team managers add fixtures for their team, these can be seen on the team pages, like the image on the right.  You can use the "View All" link to see fixtures in the past, and any results and match reports that have been added to the fixtures.

However, you can also have the fixtures delivered directly to your online calendar if you use one that supports web calendars.  Applications that do include Outlook, Thunderbird (with the Lightning add-on), iCalendar, Google Calendar, Evolution and many others.  You will usually be able to sync the calendar from there to your smartphone (if you have one) without any additional effort!

The unfortunate thing is that there is no agreed standard for exactly how the web calendar is supported, so instructions can differ for each application.

First thing to try is to click the "Subscribe" link at the bottom of the fixture box on the team page for the team you're interested in (you can do this for more than one team).  That might cause your calendar application to open up and ask if you want to add the calendar.  If it does, you're in luck and you should be able to follow instructions to subscribe to the calendar.

If not, no problem.  Right-click the link and copy the address ("Copy link location" or "Copy address to clipboard" or similar).  Now go to your calendar application and find out how to add a new calendar.  This will be entirely dependent upon the application you use.  In Google Calendar, you click the little arrow next to "Other Calendars" on the left, and select "Add by URL" as shown here.

Your application might not recognise the "webcal://" bit at the start (it's not a universal standard).  If it doesn't, change "webcal://" to "http://" and try that, often that will then make it work.


Auto Update

The great benefit of having the fixtures on your calendar is, of course, that you see the fixture at the right date and time and can plan around it.  If the fixture changes for any reason, any update will automatically be reflected in your calendar too!!  And if that's not enough, when the match has been played, and your manager has updated details of the game or added a match report, you'll be able to see that in your calendar entry.

Have fun with the new site features, and let us know if you have any problems using any of them.

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