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Sandhurst Town Council

As part of our ongoing partnership with Sandhurst Town Council we are proud to support the Sandhurst RRR Campaign.

‘The only way is Sandhurst’

At a meeting held on 22nd July between senior representatives of the Sandhurst Town Boys and Girls Football Club and Sandhurst Town Council, it was agreed that the partnership working that exists on the, ‘Sandhurst as a RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and RIGHTS Community’ initiative, would be continued and further developed.


Chris Smith (Executive Officer STC) said, “ The work that the Sandhurst Town Boys and Girls FC have done over the years on the football RESPECT campaign has been fantastic. The potential of linking this work to the 3R’s Sandhurst brand is massive. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Nathan and all the members of the B&GFC to make it happen”.


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Sandhurst Town Council together with its partners is embarking on an ambitious scheme to improve the whole of the southern part of the Sandhurst Memorial Park in terms of biodiversity and amenities.

Funded jointly by Thames Water Authority and Sandhurst Town Council, the project includes all of the major stakeholders in the area; Sandhurst Town Council, Thames Water Authority, Sandhurst Residents Association, “friends of balancing pond”, Natural England, Bracknell Forest Council and Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership.

Following a meeting on 31st July 2012, the group decided that, in view of the cost of dredging the balancing pond, the money should be spent on biodiversity improvements. Furthermore the extent of the work would embrace the SSSI site known as Blackwater Reach (North and South) together with exploring the possibility of digging a small pond in the adjacent land (behind Bottom Meadow football pitch) not only for biodiversity reasons but it could also be used with the schools as an educational tool. This latter work would include hay seeding from Seeby’s Field to enhance the habitat.

This project will help to improve the whole of the southern part of the Sandhurst Memorial Park and the partnership are taking the necessary steps,  not only to preserve current wildlife and flora and fauna, but also to create an environment that will enhance the existing wildlife population of the area.

There has already been some work carried out by Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership volunteers, 14no. were involved in some extensive grass cutting and removal recently .The main contractor for the rest of the project  starts  work on 17th September.

If you would like to know more about the type of biodiversity work being carried out or would like to become a member of the “friends of” group then please don’t hesitate to contact Sandhurst Town Council on 01252 879060 or or look on for updates.

Another Sandhurst Pride good news story.




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