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The player development committee is the most important in the club. It is at the heart of what STB&GFC is about… developing the skills and enjoyment of young people playing football in our local community.

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The committee formulates the policies for player development, introduces plans for squads to use in their development and supports managers with coaching and guidance.

We are developing our streaming, and ask for the support of all players and parents in accepting that young players will enjoy their football more and develop faster at the correct level. With the clubs help, the committee is focussing time, energy and investment into making ALL children better players.

We do not put any importance on results early on. The younger teams will no doubt, come up against other teams that want to win at all costs, even if this means putting their children’s development second to "Saturdays Result". This is NOT the Sandhurst way! Our aim is very simple… to put 'performance over results' and to help create good solid footballers who are comfortable with the football at their feet  - not cross country runners.......

All of the above is a way of ensuring that we keep all elements of our club philosophy; Performance over results, pass and move, and most of all, creating a fun environment for all of our children to come and enjoy the game of football, and come out of it, a better footballer!

Finally,we want to be part of helping them grow as individuals and develop their decision making and ensure they're happy to work in teams, it's all part of producing a well rounded person, we acknowledge that sport plays a major part of this. 

Please contact Steve Whittall if you wish to get involved.


Player/Coach Development Committee November 2011 Update Document

Player/Coach Development Committee December 2011 Update Document

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  • Chairman – Nathan Sanders
  • Vice Chairman – Steve Paine
  • Secretary – Alistair Brown
  • Treasurer – Jim Emery
  • Child Welfare Officer – Louise Huggins
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