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Vision and Strategy

The club is now in its 31st year/season and having reflected on our past 30 years as a club (no I wasn’t around for all of them) and having moved through many cycles of football with my own children for some years now, I got to thinking 'What is STB&GFC all about?', and do we communicate this effectively to our members and the wider community.

To aid this communication and to try and give a clear message we have re-evaluated our Vision and Strategy statement which we hope encapsulates what we envisage for the future of Sandhurst Town Boys & Girls Football club.

Having recently asked for a suggestion of a strap line we had good input from our members and we have agreed on the following - 'Developing success together' -  which I believe represents our great ethos of developing players through a squad and club feel with us all working towards a common goal.

Nathan Sanders (Chairman)

Charter Community Club

Chartered Standard Club

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  • Chairman – Nathan Sanders
  • Vice Chairman – Steve Paine
  • Secretary – Alistair Brown
  • Treasurer – Jim Emery
  • Child Welfare Officer – Louise Huggins
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